Clear Dice-Like Tiles Throughout a Blyssful Puzzle Adventure!

2017-02-13 12:21:00

In this fantastic puzzle, you will be clearing dotted square tiles throughout levels generated with gorgeous backgrounds and serene music!

The only way to remove the tiles in front of you is to swipe them away in groups of three or four. That sounds easy, but the number of dots on the block face is how many times swiping needs to occur. Bringing complicated into the realm of meditation, tile placements are random, and if you fail a level, the arrangement will change!

There are three different game modes: the increasingly difficult "Endless," fast-paced "Time Attack," and "Playground" with your preferred difficulty and dot numbers! Take your time playing your favorite mode and perform great letter combos for more points. Save enough coins to unlock soothing themes such as a tranquil mountain, a romantic night, and others!

From: https://app-liv.com/en/games/puzzlequiz/10228?id=4142975