A Sweet Plate of Sliding Jellies Makes for an Innovative Match-Three Game!

2017-04-25 12:22:00

Experience surprising challenges as jellies can occasionally be frozen or chained in place! Achieve “Fever Mode” to briefly go on a wild matching spree and rack up points. High scores award beans which unlock cute, collectible “Jelly Bean” characters.

There is more than one way to play with candies in a match-three game. And in this one, you will find a completely different style of lining up those sweets. Take control of a whole plate of jellies as you try and slide them all into the right place!

You will find that this single mechanic opens another way to look at delectable match-three puzzles. Learn how to predict if each jelly cube will line up and see if it is enough. Keeping matching them frequently and you might enter into a groovy “Fever Mode” that lets you clear the cubes in pairs instead of the usual threes. You can also merge two cubes and keep them from sliding away from each other. Jellies with special effects might also pop up.

All of these can help you rack up a really high score, which can earn you special beans for playing with the “Gacha” machine! Assemble collections of various “Jelly Bean” characters, with cute themes like fruits and insects. Have them serve as your trophies to show everyone that you are a match-three master of these sliding jelly cubes!