A Smooth Seesaw Game That Tests Your Delicate Touch

2017-04-25 12:23:00

Exercise your steady hand in over 40 levels of ball-balancing challenges. Face all sorts of obstacles, from pegs that disrupt your seesaw’s angle to extra weights.Shake your phone and change the game’s background color to a tone you find more soothing.

Exercising your sense of balance can really help your ability to focus and here is one game that demonstrates that very well. Its goal is to balance the ball on a seesaw platform and try to get it into the designated hole.

Early levels will test your ability to control the ball as too much careless swaying can cause it to speed off the platform. Higher levels, however, will add in obstacles that will really require you to relax and gently tilt the ball in more precise directions. For example, bad holes will start popping up and you have to keep the platform moving in order to prevent the ball from falling into them. Other levels will have pegs that pop in and out, requiring you to properly align your seesaw’s angle.

All in all, the design of the game is very centered on challenging your mind to stay calm and helping you focus on balancing the ball to its destination. You can even shake the phone to change game’s background color to a more relaxing tone. It certainly makes a great exercise for helping you focus!