Drop Numbered Blocks to Come Up with the Winning Sum of 11!

2017-06-01 12:23:00

Numbered blocks will be provided to you randomly, so strategize carefully.Choose from Normal, Hard, and Extreme levels to challenge yourself. An attractive, minimalist layout makes it relaxing and fun to play.

If you love numbers and problem solving, then this puzzle game is right up your alley. It combines the mechanics of the classic drop-the-brick game with the challenge of strategic placement. Play this game whenever you wish to shake off those mental cobwebs and get those brain cells fired up!

The goal is to drop the numbered blocks on or near the same number so that they add up. Once the sum of 11 is formed, you win! If the grid is filled up with blocks before that happens, however, then it is game over. To play, simply tap on the column where you want a numbered block to drop.

There are three difficulty levels to keep your brain active - Normal, Hard, and Extreme. Test your numerical and puzzle skills and see how quickly you can reach number 11!