Are You Ready to be Captured by new game Inner Circle?

2016-06-30 12:15:00

Inner Circle is going to be available this week in the App Store on 30th June. It is developed by Australian Indie team Enormace Games, and going to be published by Zplay. It is easy and fun to play, and supper addictive.

Bright colors, simple interfaces, dynamic sound effects and interesting levels, all these make Inner Circle a wonderful puzzle game.

The setting of the game levels is very intimate. Players are able to play the game in night mode, enabling players to protect their eyes while playing it. Moreover, players can activte the arcade mode, where the game play is fairly fast-paced and challenging.

Ready for this new challenging game? If you can handle the challenges in Inner Circle, you will definitely enjoy yourself in bright and vivid colours.

Download in App Store(link below will be valid around 24:00 PM on 30th June, Beijing Time ): https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/inner-circle/id1076199012?l=zh&ls=1&mt=8

For more information, please visit Zplay facebook at